Thursday, October 25, 2012

Marble Hornets -- YouTube

A friend at work first introduced me to Marble Hornets, a periodic YouTube series centered around a group of amateur movie makers who stumble upon a paranormal entity known as the Slenderman. There are currently 64 episodes with a handful of updates (".5" entries) and retorts by a commentator known as totheark.

The story centers on Jay, who inherited the raw footage of Marble Hornets from its creator, Alex. Alex, who started acting very paranoid, left him the tapes and declared that they should be burned.  Jay, not listening to Alex, decided to watch them and, to his dismay, was pulled into a harrowing, and oftentimes quite dangerous, world of supernatural stalkers and encounters with the Slenderman.

I watched the entire series, to date, in a single day, which I don't actually recommend, as it can be quite overwhelming. That said, though, I do recommend that anyone interested in urban legend mythos give it a try.  I found it to be quite intriguing both from the storyline aspect and from the modern conveyance of story. It takes the reality show approach and meshes it with the epistolary style of 19th century story telling to create something quite remarkable.

At this point it is impossible to give a complete review on the series because it is still in progress.  Once the project is completed, I'll post some comments on the overall scope of the project. In the meantime, watch and enjoy!

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