Monday, January 21, 2013

Note on Resources

As you will notice on this blog, I have chosen to add a brief biographical note at the beginning of each story review.  The purpose for this is not only to give a little background on the author, but also to give a sense of place and hopefully allow the reader to look at the individual stories with fresh eyes -- to open a view of the story that is maybe a little closer to the original intention of the author. In doing this, I've found that it has enriched my reading pleasure, especially for works written more than thirty or forty years ago, because I have found that most stories have hidden depths that a modern reader, or one who does not know the basic details of the life of the author, may not pick up on at first glance.

To date, all of my sources have come exclusively from web-searches which can easily be recreated by utilizing any search engine (at the moment I prefer Google). In an effort to keep this blog fun to write, and hopefully less dry than a scholarly work (no offense to the writers of those very useful tools), I have chosen not to give a full bibliographical index as to my sources. There is absolutely no intention on my part to claim credit for the fact based information I present.  My only contribution is to share my love of the story.

Updated March 25, 2013:
As this blog has evolved, I have made the decision to site all of the sources that I utilize and where appropriate to specifically point to the section of the source where information was obtained. I continue to maintain my original purpose of keeping the posts fun to write, so formal footnotes will not be used, but all source web URLs that are utilized in the creation of the Short Bio will be posted within each  blog entry.

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